Our Leadership Team

Shan-Tai Yeh, PE

Shan-Tai Yeh is the President and founder of Yeh and Associates. He has 38 years of geotechnical engineering experience, including 13 years with CDOT where he supervised the Soils, Foundation, and Engineering Geology units and was Chief Engineering Geologist. Shan-Tai serves as the Principal in Charge for geotechnical investigations, design, and inspection projects.   

Rick Andrew, PG

Rick Andrew, our Vice President, has 28 years of experience in the geotechnical engineering and engineering geology field. He is noted for his ability to identify and provide the necessary expertise to challenging and complex projects. Rick was employed by CDOT for 10 years as Senior Engineering Geologist. His background in geotechnical related construction and rock excavation provides our team with a unique perspective on geological and geotechnical engineering. He has managed numerous geological investigations and design teams primarily in difficult terrain and fragile environments.

Bill Scheuerman, PE

Bill Scheuerman, Manager of Construction Services, has 32 years of experience: 4 years with Yeh and Associates and 28 years with CDOT; his last 16 years with CDOT were as a Resident Engineer. In that role, he was responsible for projects from planning through construction. He oversaw the construction of a wide variety project types from complex urban projects to smaller eastern plains projects. He currently manages the Yeh FHWA construction management contract and works proactively with clients to manage staff resources.

Jon Blanchard, GE, PE

Jon has 25 years of professional experience in project and contract management, corporate planning and operation, office management, business development, construction management, and expertise in geotechnical engineering. He has extensive experience in water, wastewater, flood control, and transportation infrastructure projects. He has provided geotechnical and construction services for more than 50 bridges, nearly all wastewater treatment facilities on Central Coast, flood control dams and levees, and various projects throughout California. He is experienced and has a good working relationship with oversight agencies such as Caltrans, OSHPD, DSA, DSOD and CGS and with local CSD, County, and City government agencies.

Scott Richards, PE, PG

Scott Richards, our Northwest Colorado Region Manager, has 14 years of experience in geological and geotechnical engineering projects. His experience includes report writing for geotechnical, geological engineering, and construction management projects, managing field personnel in inspection, construction, and materials testing. He designs and implements field investigations and performs engineering laboratory testing and analysis. His project experience includes slope stability analysis (installation and monitoring of piezometers and inclinometers for municipalities and ski areas); deep foundation systems (drilled piers, driven piles, screw piles); schools; hospitals; dams and reservoirs; regional airport improvements; and commercial development. He has performed geological engineering and hazards analysis projects, as well.

Alan Hotchkiss, Durango Office Manager

Alan Hotchkiss spent 30 years with CDOT as a Region 4 Materials and Staff Materials Engineer. In that role, he provided recommendations and solutions for materials and geotechnical-related issues. His expertise includes complex geotechnical investigations, report writing, and construction materials recommendations for highway designs, sub-grades, and embankments. His design and review experience includes determining bearing capacities for deep foundation systems, settlement analysis, slope stability, soil nailing, expansive and collapsing soils, drainage, and soft subgrades, foundation reports, construction design plans, and materials specifications development.